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BEAUTIFUL YOrkie Puppies for sale


Shipping is available (Shipping Prices and Policy)

We will ship puppies when the weather permits. We always use approved pet airlines for all of our dog/puppy air deliveries. They give you "PRIORITY" This provides a climate controlled pressurized environment as well as the quickest and most direct flight available. During June, July & August we sometimes opt to use night flights to provide comfortable travel temperatures. We use these safest and only methods besides hand delivery. I have personally had a tour of the air terminal and plane facilities where my puppies are placed for their flight. We ship our Yorkie puppies nationwide & worldwide.

If there is a problem with shipping, I will do what I can to help, but it is your responsibility to deal with the airline to resolve any shipping or customs issues for your puppy. We certainly wouldn't consider shipping if it wasn't safe, It’s “almost” too easy, for everyone involved

When shipped, your puppy will be sent in an airline approved shipping crate. In the crate, there will be a towel or baby blanket, a puppy toy, water and food for your puppy. We are Select Breeders , you will also receive coupons/discounts on Pet Insurance, a shipping kennel and USDA Veterinarian Health Certificate for shipping, acclamation certificate (note:) health certificate is from a certified veterinarian. All of these are the papers necessary for your puppy to be shipped and travel across state lines. These papers will be provided to the airline for the shipping of your puppy. Shipping through major International airports that support live animal shipments are accepted for transport.

Shipments can only be done early in the morning when this case applies. During these warm climates, we reserve the right to ship at a schedule that permits us to ship the puppy. We only use major airlines to ship our puppies, these are airlines we have used previous and have checked out extensively. We also ask once you receive your puppy to let us know its condition and that it has arrived in: a clean crate with food and water given at the appropriate times. All your health records are being sent with your puppy and some paperwork will be mailed to the address that the puppy has been shipped to (for your vet). If you have an imported puppy, it can take several weeks for the paperwork to come from overseas. When your paperwork does come from overseas, I will fill everything out and send it ASAP in the post, unless your puppy was purchased as a pet without papers